Team Yankee Battle – Lee vs Paul

We recently talked another member of our group into Team Yankee (incidentally the chap that paints all my Team Yankee stuff!) by letting him near a Russian Starter Box with some money in his pocket…  After a week or two of furious painting he wanted to get some tarmac on his tracks…

It’s a pretty short BatRep, the reasons for that should become evident pretty quickly…

I chose defence and he chose Hasty Attack, once again using the ‘More Missions’ supplement.  Rolling on the resultant chart gave us the Breakthrough mission.


We set out with 100pts each, with me choosing a Mech Platoon based Formation and Paul going Tank heavy.

I set up fully in the lower right portion, thinking anything placed in the upper left would be isolated and easily destroyed.  My artillery was set up well back, hidden from view, with my spotter and ITVs covering the direct approach and my Cobras taking cover in the refinery and covering the board distance-wise as best they could.  My VADS deployed just in front of the Artillery to ensure good coverage of my forces.  My 4 team Aabrams unit waited in Ambush.


Paul then set up the whole of his forces excepting his infantry company.  The tank hordes were ready to pounce, an imposing sight to be sure…


Turn 1

The Soviets advanced quickly, with the majority of units dashing across the board towards the objectives.  The little shooting that did occur accounted for a VADS and Cobra loss for the Yanks, with the VADS shooting down 3 of the HINDs with anti-aircraft fire.

The Americans responded with firepower, with Aabrams ambushing the dashing Soviet tanks and the ITVs and Cobras firing down range.  The dust settled with 4 less T72s; a poor response, caused by me not flanking with my Aabrams and some pretty good saving throws from Paul.  My first reinforcements, one of the Mech Platoons, made a road dash to protect one of the objectives.

Turn 2

The T72s decided to punish the Aabrams, pushing past them and firing into their side armour, destroying 3 of their number and swarming onto the Hill objective.  In response, the solo Aabrams remaining moved to contest the Hill objective and destroy a T72.  The Mech Platoon deployed to defend the town objective whilst their transports doubled back to protect the ITVs from the Russian Infantry moving in.

Turn 3

The Russians pushed forward and fully occupied the hill objective, having completely outmanoeuvred me and leaving me with no tank units in tactical move range to contest (and infantry unable to get close enough).  I tried in desperation to clear the hill using Salvos, Dragon fire and VADS but was only able to offer light wounds to the Russian Bear.  On the opening of Turn 4, it was game to the Russians.



I was utterly unprepared for the Russian mad dash across the board.  Whilst Paul’s HINDs were thrown to the wolves, his tank rush threw me off kilter immediately.

With hindsight I should have placed at least 1 unit in the other table quarter behind his advancing line.  This might have slowed him down, or given me easy kills.  If my Aabrams had ambushed from there it could have stalled his whole attack or cost him many more tanks.

I also need to ensure my Infantry are on the board in the first turn so they can get onto objectives and dig in early.

Other than that, any advice appreciated!  It was a great game and looking forward to the next.



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