Gates of Antares – Lee vs Jimmy

We decided to run a small tournament day at Janco Toys with 600pt forces over 3 games.  The missions to be fought were:

  1. Let Battle Begin
  2. An Unexpected Encounter
  3. Recover at all costs

My first mission was drawn against Jimmy and his Freeborn, with the Forces looking as follows:


Algoryn (6 units / 6 order dice)

2 x 6 man Infiltrator Squads (Leader – Repeater), spotter, Camo Drone

2 x 5 man AI Squads (2 x Micro-X Launchers)

1 x X-Launcher (Net Ammo), Spotter Drone

1 x Light Mag Repeater, Spotter Drone


Freeborn (5 units, 6 Order Dice)

3 x 6 man Feral squads with Soma Grafts

1 x 6 man Vardanari squad

1 x X-Launcher team

1 x Attack Skimmer with Batter Drone



On initial deployment I chose to seek as much cover as possible.  whilst maintaining lines of fire (the rocky slab bases were classed as dense terrain, the woods as light).  Not shown above is my Infiltrators moves… the left Squad sprinting into the building (and gaining a Pin for their exertions) and the right squad moving further up into the woods.

Turn 1

My building occupying Infiltrator squad opened the firing, shooting on the X Launcher squad bit somehow managing only to kill 1 crewmember.  The X Launcher responded by shelling the building and killing a number of my Squad.  Jimmy concentrated most of his fire on my Infiltrators, while I finished off the X Launcher team and set to work on his right most Feral squad.

Turn 2

With Jimmy concentrating on finishing my Infiltrator squad in the building and AI squad on the left, I pummeled the Centre and Right feral squads.  The turn ended with Jimmy have lost 2 units and me having lost 1.

Turn 3

Whilst my AI squad on the left was shot down and routed, my Firebase on the right pummeled Jimmy’s remaining squads, finishing off the Ferals on the right and leaving the feral team on the left with 1 man.  I had now broken his Forces, and simply needed not to become broken myself.

Turns 4-6

Over the following 3 turns we whittle each other’s units down, but no further Units were destroyed.  Victory to the AI!

Conclusion / Thoughts on Tournament Setup

Infiltrator and AI Squads support each other so well.  with good access to cover, both units can deal out a lot of punishment whilst soaking it up themselves.  Those 4 squads (2 of each) are an auto-add now in any size force for me.

We’ve played quite a few games of Antares (but had a couple months gap) and it has to be said that after getting used to it, it does play fast and clean; especially at these kinds of point levels.  The general feeling was that the points could be raised to 650-700ish and still play a nice game on a 4×4 table (the table size was chosen due to the space available).  We had set up to be able to run a 10 man tournament but unfortunately due to various issues only ended up with 5 players.  That said, it was a very fun day and we were able to square off 3 games each in under 6 hours.

It’s definitely something I’ll be looking to run again in the new year, and hopefully we can get the right numbers next time!






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